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The summertime can definitely be nostalgic, especially when school lets out for the kids.

From beach trips, to cookouts, to hanging outside, there was no one who could rain on your parade as a kid…

…except your parents.

And if they weren’t giving you stress, a trip to your grandparents’ house could get ugly real quick.

You go in celebrating a break from your home only to find out grandma’s place is similar, if not worse.

And don’t let it be a week-long stay. Grandma might treat you every now and then, but you better believe some work will get done too.

Comedian Davy Ruffin portrays the feeling perfectly, from having to clean grandma’s property…


To being put in time-out…


To an impromptu school session…


And don’t let your cousins come over to complicate the situation…


The struggle.

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Summer Memories: When Visits To Grandma’s House Turned Into Manual Labor  was originally published on globalgrind.com