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Hide your kids…

Zoombezi Bay is one of our favorite places to have some summer fun in Ohio. However, families need to be alert as a man was arrested for suspectingly approaching little girls.

According to 10TV, a man was arrested for “violating a young girl,” at the park. The man, Phillip Lohbauer, is accused of inappropriate touching of a minor.

Zoombezi staff said many children reported to staff about the Lohbauer, 33, behavior. General Manager John Gannon says in his 20 years of working at the park, this is only the second incident of this kind. He assures the public his staff is trained on how to respond.

“We immediately assessed the situation, had our professionally-trained security team corroborate the incident, and then we immediately pulled the suspect out of the water.”

Lohbauer was arrested Wednesday and charged with Gross Sexual Imposition. His bail was set at $100,000.

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Source: 10TV