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Crisp. Clean. Fresh. There’s a reason these pickles spread from one single cart to hundreds of grocery stores and restaurants in just a few years. It’s the taste.

while most of today’s pickle companies drown their products in chemicals and preservatives like calcium chloride and sodium benzoate, we don’t.

Our brine consists solely of water, distilled white vinegar, and salt. That’s it. Then we toss in some organic dill, some fresh garlic from California, and some grape leaves as a natural preserver.

So this isn’t just the best tasting pickle around, it’s the healthiest, too.

Travis Grillo: self-made man, old-school Italian, arts and culture enthusiast, healthy lifestyle supporter, loving son, proud father, and definitive pickle expert.

Travis has many passions and unique characteristics that all merge to shape Grilloʼs Pickles.

Before founding the company, Travis almost joined Nike as a sneaker designer. A very skilled artistic creator with a love for shoes and clothing, it was the logical next step in his career.

Fortunately for pickle lovers, it fell through and – in a moment of inspiration – Travis decided to give selling his family’s delicious pickles a try. He packed up his 1985 Cutlass Supreme and set up his homemade pickle cart in the Boston Common.

With his passion, famous pickle suit, and the lasting impression of the delicious fresh pickles, it wasn’t long until Travis got discovered by the press and invited to sell his fresh, all-natural pickles at Fenway park and local grocery stores. It took only a few short years for Grilloʼs Pickles to grow into a national brand, a force in the pickle game.

Of course, Travisʼ own personal attributes, his many talents and interests, shine through in the company. Grilloʼs makes sick shirts, hats, shoes, and hoodies.

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