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Parents be aware that just because its a mosquito bite doesn’t mean its nothing.This mom will never look at mosquitos the same, seeing as if her baby boy life could’ve been gone. USE bug spray, although mosquito bites are 100 preventable at least do your part. They carry diseases with them, from west nile to other diseases.

Lorraine Surrett took to Facebook to voice what happened

“Saturday me my husband, mother in law and kids went shopping and everything was fine and the kids was playing laughing cutting up have a ball. We was on our way 2 my mother in laws house and my 6 year old Noah started crying saying his head was hurting. I gave his some children pain medicine and he seemed okay after a few minutes. Him and his older 2 brothers begged 2 stay with their nana and papa and I said okay that’s fine. I called my mother in law the next morning”

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