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Twitter Testing Feature That Suggests Who To Unfollow.

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Twitter already suggests inaccurately who to follow, but the social media tool is testing a new feature that could help you clean up your timeline a bit.

Twitter is looking to enhance your Tweeting experience and hope by suggesting who to press that unfollow button on will accomplish that goal. The social media service has been quietly testing the feature that offered selected users a “personalized list” of suggested users to purge from their following count. To confirm the existence of this new feature some users have shared screenshots via their Twitter accounts.

A Twitter representative states the new feature compiles its list of people to unfollow by finding users you don’t engage with regularly. The social media platform hopes this will help make user’s timelines more relevant and showing you the Tweets they think you want to see. Now honestly this feature is much-needed and should have happened a long time ago. There are rumblings of some displeasure that Twitter is going this route but if you search it would seem users of the app would like Twitter to fix their like feature.

There are already apps not associated with Twitter that allow users to mass unfollow users they don’t interact with or who don’t follow them back. The one huge problem with those third-party apps is the huge risk security issues, add on the fact you have to pay for some of them. Twitter’s feature is safer, possibly more accurate and the best part free 99. We hope this unfollow suggestion feature goes live, we are still waiting on that edit Tweet option though.

Photo: NurPhoto / Getty

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