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Dr. Collier came by “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to talk about not only the flu vaccine, but discuss the risk of vaping. A lot of kids in school are turning to it because it’s cool and something new to do. It’s becoming an epidemic and while many believe it doesn’t cause any damage to your health, Dr. Collier talked about how it can hurt you.

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The water vapor is pure, but when they start adding in flavors that’s when it can damage your health. He mentioned that the flavors mist don’t just harm you, but you are also inhaling plastic residue into your lungs. This could lead to complications not now, but in the future.

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Some has had particles left on their throat and the only way doctors can spot it is in an x-ray. He also spoke about the flu vaccine and how it’s a good match this year and everyone should get a shot. People that are scared of needles are also turning to the nasal spray that protects you from the flu as well. Dr. Collier is recommending everyone to take it and to remember you don’t get the flu from the shot.

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