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Cuffing season is upon us, my favorite time of the year….well second favorite.

If you’re not already cuffed up with someone than maybe you’re looking to be, and if that is the case than here are some things that Men should avoid so you can keep her attention.

Oh and the street term CUFFING, is just to simply say Booed Up, except you you say I’m cuffed, or cuffing.

  1. Ignored or Being Inconsistent

Women hate being ignored or feeling as if you forgot about them. One of the ways most women judge how important they are to their partner is by how much attention they get from him when expressing concerns and opinions. Quickest Turn Off is to act as if you’re not interested.

2. No Substance

A man that has all the swag in the world and nothing to back it up, just awful. You know the loud guy who rents the Escalade and pretends to own it. Turn Off

3. Being too aggressive

We get it you like us, but no need to make us feel like a piece of meat. 10 yrs of marriage or on the first date we don’t want to feel like sex objects. Too preoccupied with sex, Turn Off

4. Bad Hygiene

This is probably one of the biggest Turn Offs ever, bad smells, No One wants thats. Especially when you like someone, you tell them. men check your hygiene at the door.

5. Bad PickUp Lines

Good humor matters especially if you’re a funny guy. Some guys try too hard, and often use lines that are offensive. Have some manners, be yourself.

I hope this helps in your quest to be cuffed up this season.

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