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Apple's iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max Have A Serious Charging Issue

Source: Anton Novoderezhkin / Getty

Apple customers are currently enjoying their new iPhones, but keeping them fully charged might be a problem due to a glaring issue discovered with them.

Apple’s iPhone XS and XS Max are here, but you might want to hold on the first generation of the $1,000 plus investments. Both phones are reportedly having charging issues due to them not working when a charging cable is plugged into the phone’s Lightning port.

A customer by the username of xMASTIFFSx took to Apple’s support forum to point out the issue with their iPhone XS. In detail, the user claims that when the phone is connected to a Lightning cable and is sleep, there is no response from the phone instead of lighting up and indicating the phone is charging.

In a video from Unboxing Therapy posted above, the issue is highlighted even further after testing showing that issue also affects the iPhone XS Max as well. Once a Lightning cable is attached, the phones in worst cases become unresponsive, and other times the phone indicates that it is charging, but once unplugged clearly shows the phone did not recharge. xMASTIFFSx’s post now about 20 pages with other users also point out the same issue.

The problem with the phones does not happen frequently and could mean that it’s a software issue. If that is indeed the case that means the issue could be corrected with a software update easily. BUT if it’s not that means customers would have to purchase a wireless charging pad. We are still waiting on Apple’s promised air charging mat that was noticeably absent at the company’s recent event.

At those prices, an issue like that is the last thing customers need to worry about when it comes to their iPhones. We are sure Apple will be addressing this issue very soon.

Photo: Anton Novoderezhkin / Getty

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