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Have you heard the word ghosted?

Well the term ghosted is used to describe the act of someone who you may be dating, and all of sudden, no phone calls, text messages, just absolutely nothing.

You go to their house they are still not there, their job and the person you thought you knew is no where to be found. Well that person may just have went ghost on you. It happens often and even to myself, which is the reason I am writing this article. Ghosting can happen to anyone, and a lot of times if people would just communicate it can be prevented.

Well I will not go into detail about the guy that went Ghost on me, but it definitely did hurt. When i finally talked to the guy again, I asked him why he decided to walk out of my life and not tell me. He replied that He was not ready for the feelings that he was getting for me.

All this time i thought it was something i had done wrong when in reality this person just couldn’t handle their own emotions smh.

Instead of going Ghost on someone just tell them, you’re walking out of their life.

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