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Rickey Smiley is very passionate about the things that are going on in politics. He can’t stand to hear how President Donald Trump speaks about people and believe he spews hate to other people. Rickey doesn’t want people to be scared, but is encouraging everyone to go and vote.

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Id you have the chance to early vote go and do it. Rickey wants you to also take 5 people with you if you can. We need numbers right now and understand that any questions you need answered about polling places and more can be found. Some states are trying to close multiple polling stations in certain areas and it feels like some are trying to keep some from voting.

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Rickey also spoke about the racism and hatred he feels when going into certain stores. He said, “I’ve never felt this kind of hatred in my life.” Rickey wants people that are okay with racism to know that we are not our great-grandparents and some people will do anything to protect their family and friends. Get out and vote so we can flip the house and the senate!

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