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Jeff Johnson is back and has information on new stories we should know all about. For several weeks Jeff and Rickey Smiley have been encouraging everyone to know about when voting registration deadlines are. He mentioned that 15,000 registrations in George may be challenged. Jeff wants to try and get someone to come to “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to explain what happens if you are registered to vote, but people don’t allow you to.

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He spoke about how these could possibly be missing votes for Stacey Abrams, who is running for governor. Jeff also spoke about a video that’s going viral with a 12-year-old Black boy being grabbed and held by a White officer. It made Jeff very frustrated and angry, but what made him proud was the fact that the child also spoke with confidence.

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His aunt recored the entire ordeal and Jeff wants parents and others that are around kids to help train them if situations like this happens to them. He said, “We must train our kids on what their rights are and how to get them home.” That’s the most important part for Jeff and Rickey mentioned that when you come home the adult can take care of the other parts like getting a lawyer and making a plan to file a complaint. Some officers want you not to come home and Jeff doesn’t want to see that happen anymore.

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