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Source: PaleyFest Fall TV Previews 2017 – ‘Comedy Get Down’ – Arrivals Featuring: George Lopez Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 15 Sep 2017 Credit: Guillermo Proano/WENN.com Uploaded By Godspeed

While the Republican party continues to suppress the voting rights of the Black community, Native Americans (the first people to live on this land mind you) and refer to protestors as “mobs” to rile up their base, they seem to have forgotten that their hardcore Trumpian base have been blatantly harassing Black and brown people since Donald Trump was elected in 2016.

From hounding his critics on social media to sending death threats to politicians and celebrities who dare oppose his racist views, cult 45 followers have been getting out of pocket every chance they get. Unfortunately for one proud Trump supporter he picked on the wrong one when he heckled anti-Trump comedian George Lopez at a Hooters in New Mexico earlier this week.

Lopez was in the restaurant filming a faith-based movie Walking With Herb when according to TMZ sources the Trump supporting burger began heckling the comedian with pro-Trump statements and screams of “MAGA!” After a while the Latino comedian grew annoyed of the heckler and as you can see in the quick 15 second video approached the man and appears to have grabbed him by the neck before taking his phone.

“He’s a badass! Look at him, he wants to fight me! George wants to fight me!” the man says in the video before getting cut off.

The man in the video told TMZ that Lopez initially took away his phone and tried to film his own crotch but never hit record.

He said that after Lopez returned the phone, the man tried to cut the tension by telling the comedian, “On the count of three, say ‘Make America Great Again.’” At that point, the video starts, he said.

Naturally authorities are said they’re looking into the incident which may mean that George Lopez might have to come out of pocket to avoid charges. SMH. These racist foolios are the reason successful people of color might end up in jail or have their pockets lose a little weight.

Check out the video below and remember that Trump trolls love when you react to their foolishness. Kinda like their beloved leader.

George Lopez Put Hands On Trump MAGA Troll Who Harassed Him At Hooters  was originally published on hiphopwired.com