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I know now-a-days we should be overly cautious about what we say and we need to be aware of the fact that not all people grew up knowing sayings that were common in predominately black households. Because if anyone in my hood said “I’m about to blow the bathroom up” we automatically knew that they were letting us know or better yet warning us that they were about drop a massive load of $hit in the toilet, not that they are about to actually make a bomb or that they have a bomb on them and they are going to do anyone any bodily harm….well not their bodies but their noses will be highly upset lol. What’s crazy is that the police arrested this man because the didn’t believe he was joking when he told the staff the was going to “blow up the bathroom” which really means in the hood to take a big dump . But the police in New Orleans ain’t laughing and now he (Arthur Posey) is facing 2 counts of communicating false info. of planned arson. According to TMZ….. He’s due back in court later this month — where he’ll try to convince a judge the allegations are just a bunch of crap.  Full story HERE