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Nearly every economist warned Trump would be a disaster for the economy. Here is another sign: General Motors is cutting 15,000 jobs, even though they received a massive tax break from the Trump administration. One of the areas deeply affected is Lordstown, Ohio, which Hillary Clinton lost by 30 points during the presidential election. Now  the GM workers are praying (literally) for their jobs.

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On Thursday, over 100 people gathered to pray for their jobs outside of the General Motors plant in Lordstown, Ohio. Fox 8 reports, “Union members spoke at the approximately 10 minute prayer vigil Thursday afternoon, hoping to save the plant, workers’ jobs and the overall area, as they believe there will be negative economic impact if the plant closes.”

Nonetheless, some Trumps supporters appear to still be standing by 45. Albert Summell at Youngstown Town State University told the Associated Press, “Among Trump voters in this area, there is still a lot of fondness towards President Trump. A lot of the rhetoric that he says, particularly about free trade because there’s so much anger and resentment towards trade in this area — I think a lot of President Trump voters, supporters in this area might still actually support him even with the closure of this plant.”

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What will it take for Trump supporters to see the light? Their president doesn’t care about jobs, only lining his own pockets and protecting himself from Mueller’s investigation.


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