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It seems as though reports of racist incidents on college campus have popped up seemingly every week these past two years. Sadly, that is an accurate observation in the Trump era.

Indeed, college campuses have not escaped the increase of hate crimes since Trump’s campaign for office, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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One of the latest instances happened at Boston College where a student was arrested Saturday night for writing racist graffiti—that included the N-word—on furniture, walls, blinds, a whiteboard, and a bathroom mirror in a residence hall, reported.

Several other recent incidents captured national media attention. In one of them, a student at Davidson College in North Carolina came under investigation in November after a tweet was linked to her. The tweet expressed support for the Ku Klux Klan and a blue-eyed master race. An anti-racism group called the Carolina Workers Collective surfaced the tweet and reported it to the college’s administrators.

Also in November, students at the HBCU of North Carolina Central University were outraged when a white student at the university’s law school posted racist messages on Facebook.

The student, identified as Morgan Kendall, used the N-word several times in social media posts. In one of her tweets, she wrote, “Wish I could take credit,” in a reference to bombs mailed to prominent Democrats that included former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama.

Trump used racist rhetoric and embraced white supremacist language during his campaign and his first year in office. Reported hate crimes increased 17 percent in 2017, according to FBI data released in November, a much higher increase than in previous years.

The Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism and the Southern Poverty Law Center cited scores of campus incidents in 2016, during the presidential campaign and after Election Day, related to the promotion of white supremacy and other bigoted views, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Back at Boston College, an anti-racism organization named FACES rallied their classmates on Sunday, urging them to support the school’s Black students, who represent just 4 percent of the student body.

“It is up to the remaining 96% of the student body to ensure that this is not the environment we are fostering for black students. To stay silent in this or to be indifferent, as in all matters of injustice, is to side with hatred,” the group posted on Facebook.


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