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Couple on a date posting on social media.

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This article actually had me interested, because if your like me you’re probably out here dating, and doing a bit of mingling. Also if you’re like me you may need a bit of help to determine, rather or not he is into you as much as you are not him. Lets call this Decoding his body language… So i did a bit of esearch here and there, and a few of these come form my own experience.

  1. Smiling, If a guy is constantly smiling or laughing when he’s around you, or even at the corny things you say he like you
  2. The Head Tilt, the way he gestures when he talking to you or approaches you, be mindful if he comes in with a lean, or if he’s upright, than he is keeping it professional
  3. Fidgeting, you make him nervous, can be a good and bad thing, give him a compliment to help him gain more confidence, its already nerve wrecking that he likes you
  4. The Hug, this is one of my faves, although be mindful, that if you’re just starting off the hug should be too long, but long enough, if theres chemistry between the two then i’m sure you’ll be able to feel it and know.
  5. Touching his face, when’s having a conversation with you he may reach for his beard or have his hands up on his face, a form of him being comfortable and trying to flirt with you, us ladies tend to play in our hair.
  6. Feet Angle in Pictures, yes this is a big deal if his feet is pointing award toward you clearly, he doesn’t mind showing that he is into you

Be mindful that he may not say if with his mouth but he is saying it with his BODY LANGUAGE Okuurr.

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