Sunset on the beach with coconut palms. Sri Lanka

Source: Anton Petrus / Getty

Yes the new year is upon us all, and I’m sure some of you may have even made New Year Resolutions, or maybe you’ve written your goals down. One of my goals starting off is to drink Water all January 2019. There are so many benefits to drinking water like, according to 10 benefits of drinking water is that

  1. Lubricates the joints
  2. It forms saliva and mucus
  3. It boosts skin health and beauty
  4. It cushions the brains, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues
  5. It regulates body temperature
  6. It flushes body waste
  7. It help maintain blood pressure
  8. Weight Loss
  9. The digestive system depends on it
  10. it prevents kidney damage

So will you take on this with Micah in drinking water only all January 2019?