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The lawsuit insists the rapper and others name on the lawsuit sent goons to beat up one club goer.

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See this is why people don’t want to go to the club no more. Y’all don’t know how to have fun anymore. Exhibit No. 1, Drake Odell Beckham Jr and Younes Bendjima (Kourtney Kardashian’s ex) were all just trying to pop bottles, recruit some baddies and have fun at Delilah nightclub in WeHo.

Things went left when a club goer, Bennett Sipes, started to “talk smack,” as one witness tells TMZ. One thing led to another and Sipes got a beatdown from allegedly Drake and them’s entourage.


Sipes did receive injuries that led him to the hospital. He also filed a police report but then dropped it. Now he figures he will go for everybody’s pockets and file a lawsuit. The lawsuit states he is suing for medical bills and pain and suffering.

The club is also being sued. No word from the club or other parties involved.

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