We have to salute all the employees who are working in below zero conditions to make sure flights still take off and land in Columbus.

Scenes from the big blizzard, in Dulles, VA.

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Many employees at the Columbus John Glenn International Airport who work outside have been bracing the cold to get people in and out of the city.

“You can only stay out for so long”, says Torin Jones, a skycap at the airport. “Your fingers your feet just can’t stay warm.”

It’s basically impossible to stay warm when temps are below freezing and the wind chill is worst. However many employees tell 10TV that dressing in layers and wearing many pairs of socks is all you can do to try to stay warm.

Lets not forget that many of these employees were working without pay just a month ago. We appreciate all who make our travels a bit easier and safer.

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