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Two Golden Retriever Dogs Outdoors in Fall

Source: Purple Collar Pet Photography / Getty

This story touch day heart so I wanted to post about it. I have to show love to all of our K9 friends out there who are the absolute best.

A golden retriever lead an ambulance through a number of street to its owner who has collapsed in the alleyway.

Chinese emergency services received a call about a garbage man who had collapsed in a residential alleyway in the Shanxi Province.

While the ambulance was heading to the scene, they encountered the man’s dog, who was out looking for help. The dashcam footage shows the dog waiting for the ambulance in the middle of the road and beginning to run, prompting rescuers to follow it.

One of the rescuers said that the dog kept looking back at the ambulance to make sure that the ambulance was following.

The owner’s son is currently taking care of his father.

What do you think about this sweet story?

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