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You better watch that heavy foot in the school zone buddy!

We want our children to feel safe at school but what about when they outside of school trying to cross the street with drives speeding pass them? Many parents have voiced their opinions saying that it is becoming dangerous for children to navigate speeding and distracting drivers.

“Some people just don’t care,” Arthur Smith said. “They drive the way they want to.”

Columbus Police have heard parents cry and are cracking down on speeding drivers. This school year alone 760 speeding tickets have been written in Central Ohio.

Smith agrees that police presence has helped enforce the speeding limit in the school zone. However, drivers usually go back to their bad ways when police aren’t around. Smith is always ready to take initiative to make sure all children are safe.

“The traffic is kind of wild in the morning, so I have to make sure I’ll be here,” Smith said.

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