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There are some men that have so much sensual energy, it transcends time. When I think of my list of old guys ‘that can get it,’ there is one man that is always at the top of the list, Billy Dee Williams. He is and always will be my old boyfriend — in my head.  “Old” is a relative term, so for the purpose of this story, we will say that anyone that is 20 years your senior is old. Of course we are talking about consenting adults only and, as always, know thy self and use condoms.

No Judegment so here are the 3 Rules For Having Sex With An Old Guy.

Making Love To A Chubby Belly Man

1) Don’t ask too many questions: Old people have no patience, so keep the questions to a minimum. This is your chance to learn, take notes so that you can instruct future lovers. He will help you figure out what makes you truly happy.

2) Prepare to be turned out: And turned out to the 10th degree, this is such a good lesson that it bares repeating–you will get turned out! Just be ready to climb the walls, but you won’t be able to come back for more right away. He may not be able to give you as many rounds as a youngster, but when he does step up to bat it will be a great game.

3) Follow his lead: You know the older generation cannot take too much back talk– you will have tons of fun!

Beautiful At Any Age

Take at a look at the distinguished gentlemen on our list: