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Everyone thinks they’re an expert of something until it’s time to be put to the test —especially when it comes to music. Besides Youtube, there aren’t a lot of outlets where you can go back and do your history on music that isn’t mainstream, bubble gum Pop. Which is why shows like TV One’s Unsung are a major asset to the African American music culture.

The popular docuseries gives fans a look at some of the top R&B and soul artists of the last several decades, many of whom are not household names. Unsung has become a staple for folks who ask questions like “I wonder what happened to so and so” or “I wonder why such and such band broke up”. Every season of the hit show gets deeper and the artists get more contemporary. However, they’ve mastered the art of keeping a perfect balance between old and semi-new school when it comes to the singers they profile. Season 14, for example, features everyone from The Jets to Lloyd.

Every episode gives you brand new information that you never knew about some of your favorite soul/R&B artists, and you usually walk away with a new found respect for them, and a thirst for new music. Fortunately, TV One has found another way to help viewers get even more up close & personal with an Unsung star with their new live web series Unsung: The Season Of Music.

“Each episode will feature live, acoustic-style performances by the artists profiled in the show, as well as interviews/conversations with the artists.”

This is great news for those music lovers who can’t get enough of Unsung.

“Unsung is such a good show. Nostalgia and new tea with interviews. Lit.” – @Fritzisfree

“Unsung” is so underrated I binge watched the show today 702, Jagged Edge, and Dave Hollister’s episodes are really good. I can’t wait for the next season to come on.” -@amourwest

One of the best things about shows that highlight Black music is that you get to reminisce on the oldies but goodies; some you may not have even known that you knew. Some day, you’ll get to be the parent to music shame your kid.

“I can’t wait to bump 90s/00s R&B/Hip-Hop in front of my kids & be like “what yall know about this???” while acting a FOOL with my wife lmao” – Chinohoven

Black Music Month of African American Music Appreciation Month is in June — but we shouldn’t wait until then to honor the tunes that have touched our souls for generations. But how much do you really know? And if you think that Jacquees is the King of the beloved genre, you’re in the wrong place.

Take the quiz below and check your R&B level of expertise by matching the lyric with the correct song.

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