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Tinder Height Verification

Source: Tinder / Tinder Blog

Ladies, tired of being hoodwinked, bamboozled and led astray by short men? Well, Tinder is here to solve that major dating issue called “height fishing” with a new height verification feature.

That’s right small fry, the jig is up and Tinder is putting a stop to “men specifically” who are really 5’6 saying they are 5’10 with its new feature.  Announced (Mar.29) on its blog, the popular dating app wants to curb the selfish behavior that hurts those who are honestly out there putting their correct height and making it difficult to land a match.

When describing how the feature would work, Tinder in a very suspicious way that might come as an April Fool’s joke stating:

“Simply input your true, accurate height with a screenshot of you standing next to any commercial building. We’ll do some state-of-the-art verifying and you’ll receive your badge directly on your profile.”

Per Tinder:

It’s come to our attention that most of you 5’10ers out there are actually 5’6. The charade must stop. This type of dishonestly doesn’t just hurt your matches — it hurts us, too. Did it ever occur to you that we’re 5’6 and actually love our medium height? Did it ever occur to you that honesty is what separates humans from sinister monsters? Of course not.

You were only thinking of yourself. Well, height-lying ends here. To require everyone under 6’ to own up to their real height, we’re bringing truthfulness back into the world of online dating.

Again this doesn’t sound like an official update at all, we won’t be shocked if the company Tweets out a hearty April Fool’s but as of now the dating app is standing by its claims of the update is coming to phones everywhere soon.

Photo: Tinder/Tinder Blog

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