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The live action Lion King hasn’t even come out yet and already, it’s giving life lessons to live by in the trailer.

The much-anticipated flick first released a teaser of what’s to come in November 2018, but now folks can get a fuller scope of the kingdom thanks to the full-length trailer Disney dropped on Wednesday.

To say it brought all the feels would be an understatement.


Some shots surely brought the childhood nostalgia with imagery of the kingdom, a closer look at Rafiki, and imagery of a young Simba arguably looking cuter than he did in the animated movie.

But most importantly, the trailer was already giving life lessons that can only come from a 90s Disney flick. Some are more apparent, such as themes around mentorship, while others can only stem from the Twitter-verse, such as making sure you look cute no matter how much bad lighting is in the animal kingdom.

Hit the next pages for four life lessons amplified by the trailer and social media, and let us know if you agree with the jewels or not.

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