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Unfortunately, no one really takes Jacquees seriously anymore — not any of the actual Kings of R&B and definitely not rising star Ella Mai. As you all know, Jacquees created a lot of bad press for himself when, as an up-and-coming artist, he tried to stake a claim to the R&B throne. His trolling strategy didn’t go well. Music lovers and music legends all over the nation came together to let the Atlanta singer know he was bugging’ out, period.

In another awkward and viral moment, Jacquees was forced to remove his remix of Ella Mai’s single “Trip” from the internet after her team claimed his team attempted to make money off of it.

“I put ‘Trip’ out on SoundCloud,” he told Hot 97 in an interview at the time. “I’m not monetizing off SoundCloud. If somebody else loaded the video to Youtube… I’m not sure if anybody on my team loaded the video to Youtube, but I didn’t.”

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Regardless of how it got there, his remix somehow made it’s way onto Youtube and quickly got snatched down. Besides a little back and forth, there didn’t seem to be any actual beef between Ella Mai and Jacquees afterward… but this week, the remix aficionado tried it and Ella Mai wasted no time responding.

Hitting the stage with Tory Lanez at the O2 Arena in London… you know, Ella Mai’s hometown… Jacquees decided to perform his “Trip” remix live. Welp, if he was trying to poke the bear he was certainly successful. Ella Mai hit Twitter to respond and she didn’t hold back.

“I’d be so embarrassed if someone brung me on stage and the only thing i could sing was someone else’s song because nobody knew my actual music,” she wrote for the world to see, adding “poor thing” at the end of her clap back.

But Tory Lanez had Jacquees’ back, saying Jacquees really didn’t want to perform the song in the first place. Either way, Jacquees had to know there could be some sort of backlash right?

“I brought my lil brother out to HIS OWN SH*T… My n*gga ain’t even wanna perform the remix .. matter fact he hate performing it … But I put him on the spot . Cuz I figured we was in London at the O2, 30,000 in the stands and bunch of kids was asking for the REMIX . On another note @jacquees U killed ALL the songs u performed tonight ! Keep shining my n*gga,” he captioned a clip from the night.

Hit the flip to see all the hilarious sh*t the internet has been talking ever since.

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