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Bruh! I am currently dealing with this situation right now. SMH I just broke up with friend who was more than a friend because things just weren’t balanced. Although we both handled the situation as adults, and with positivity, it still sucks and kind of has me in my feelings. I want my friend back!

So if you’re experiencing this situation like me, there are ways to help cope with the break up from a friend.

One thing you can do is

Box up Old Memories, you know the pictures, or do a nice unfollow on social media.

Stay Busy, helps to keep your mind off the void you’re missing

Do your best not to take it personally, No self blaming, it is what it is.

Do a Friendship Inventory, Make a lis too your close friends, write down things you could do for them to make yourself a better friend.

These are just some things that I m trying, What are other ways you suggest to help cope with the break up of a friend?

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