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Netflix's 'Queer Eye' Season 1 Premiere

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Netflix original series Queer Eye was introduced to us in February of last year and ever since, the Fab 5 have had a very special place in our hearts. A reboot of Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the newer series follows food and wine expert Antoni Porowski, culture expert Karamo Brown, fashion expert Tan France, design expert Bobby Berk, and grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness as they travel around the country, provide people with some serious TLC, and dispel ignorance about gay men.

While all you’re really expecting the Fab 5 to do is give their clients a dope ass makeover, their time with each person turns out to be about much more than that. Karamo digs deep to show each person their true value and potential, Bobby finesses their space so they can have a relaxing place to feel at home, Jonathan makes sure their inside beauty shines through to the outside, Antoni teaches the art of love by way of sustenance, and Tan gets their gear together so they can feel confident every time they step out into the world. In talking to each person they pay a visit to, the Fab 5 also experience some healing of their own — I think we can agree, this is much more than a makeover.

With season 3 released one month ago, we’re feeling the Queer Eye feels all over again, as some pretty amazing stories were documented this time around. Fans were so touched, in fact, they raised over $100,000 for one young lady, Jess Guilbeaux, after she appeared on the show. At 16 years old Jess was kicked out of her home because she was a lesbian. She continued on with life but that was difficult to do while feeling unloved – not to mention she barely had any support system to depend on. Jess tried to put herself through college but eventually dropped out due to overwhelming debt. After hearing her heart-wrenching story, fans started a GoFundMe to “Send Jess Back To College” and Jess was able to pay off her loans! Check her out these days…

Another beautiful episode followed the Jones sisters, Deborah and Mary, who were running the family business but not paying their own needs much attention. The Fab 5 helped the sisters get their famous BBQ sauce ready for manufacturing and sale, all the while elevating their self-esteem to a whole new level. These days, they’re happier than ever and making that MULA, honey!–HpGT/

We also couldn’t forget about camo-obsessed Jody Castellucci. A beautiful woman who works as a prison guard and hunts her own food, she stopped taking care of herself and feeling confident after the loss of her little brother. Jody wouldn’t go out to nice places because she didn’t feel “fancy” or comfortable enough to be out and about in front of others. Jody says the Fab 5 are “beautiful souls” who changed her life forever. “I’ll love you forever and always.” Currently, she’s stepping out of her comfort zone and traveling…–h0KpA7M/

If you’ve never tuned in, there’s no time like the present.

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