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Fans are set in stone, that the “Drake Curse is Real”.

I may be jumping on this bandwagon considering the history OVO rapper Drake, and important sports games, like playoffs or championships have in common. Especially when he is rooting for a team.

Drake attended the Toronto Maple Leafs game, where they fell victim to the Boston Bruins, 6-4.

The Curse of Drake attending games and the teams he’s rooting for doesn’t start there.

Toronto Raptors, have no NBA Finals Appearance, Kentucky Wildcats, no NCAA title since 2012, he was rooting for UFC Conor McGregor, he lost. He was going for Alabama Crimson Tide, they lost to the Tigers in the Nationsl Championship game, 44-16.

The curse prompted Italian club AS Roma to issue a tongue-in-cheek ban:

Toronto native and FOX Sports personality Rachel Bonnetta tweeted, “Drake, if you love our city like I know you do. Please stop going to our sporting events. Please.”

Do you believe in the Drake Curse?

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