Who drops $3,518.71 for a Mini Draco pistol, Sig MPX K 9mm pistol and Sig P238 .380 pistol while on probation??? Kodak Black that’s who and now his live by my own rules attitude will keep him in jail a lot longer. The Feds are saying that they have a case connecting Kodak to a shooting that happened in March in his home town at Golden Acres neighborhood in Pompano Beach. According to TMZ prosecutors are saying “a Porsche Panamera rented by Kodak was in Golden Acres a neighborhood in Pompano Beach, where he grew up during a shooting. The feds say the intended target was a rival rapper, who was not hit but whose house — filled with kids — was littered with bullets. No one was hit.” Seems like ever since he said those comments about Neighborhood Nip things have been going straight down hill. Full Story Here

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