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According to Fox 28, he came to Ohio while most other Democratic contenders spent time in California on Saturday, Vice President Joe Biden further contrasted himself with Donald Trump, saying the White House deserves someone more respectful of marginalized communities like LGBTQ individuals.

The event, a 36th annual fundraising dinner for the Human Rights Campaign, hosted Biden as it attempts to energize its voting base to elect a Democrat Senate and president in the 2020 elections. For his part, Biden said it was the most important event he could attend on a Saturday evening.

Biden again called attention to Trump’s 2017 comments about a Charlottesville, Virginia face-off between white supremacists and counter-protesters that left one woman dead, when Trump said there were “very fine people on both sides” of the confrontation.

“We see this rhetoric for what it is,” Biden told the crowd of hundreds. “We can’t let this become the American stand in the world.”

The 47th vice president said he was proud to stand up for same-sex marriage equality in 2012 alongside President Barack Obama. He also shared stories about encountering a gay couple with his Irish Catholic father, and a transgendered individual hired to work for his late son, Beau Biden. Both instances, he said, inspired him to respect LGBTQ individuals and stand up for their rights.


In Columbus, Biden Blasts President Trump at Human Rights Campaign Fundraiser  was originally published on joycolumbus.com