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How often should you change your bed linen? Some people say bi-weekly, others say monthly, but according to a new study your sheets should be changed every week.

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According to British bed retailer Time4Sleep, you may want to change those sheets often. They teamed up with the University of Seville to see what kind of germs hang out on four-week-old bed sheets, the results showed bacteria growing in the bed, including those linked to pneumonia, gonorrhea, and appendicitis.

According to FoxNews.com, they also found fusobacterials, known to cause throat infections leading to Lemierre’s syndrome. When traced back to their original sources, bacteria were found to come from everything from human skin and oral cavity to human stool. The findings echo previous research that showed chimpanzee’s have fewer bacteria in their nests than humans do in their beds. The experts say you should change your sheets at least once a week.

How often will you change your sheets now?

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