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If you ever wonder why a black person continues to look young for so long, and a woman at 40 can be mistaken for a woman in her late 20’s, well research goes to show that black people have denser bones.

These bones take longer to break down, and black people have these bones in their faces.

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School recent research says it’s far more than skin deep. In fact, it’s in our bones.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer, JAMA Facial Plastics in April is titled “Long-term Patterns of Age-Related Facial Bone Loss in Black Individuals.” Researchers looked at the faces of six black men and 14 black women from all over the world between the ages of 40 and 55; their findings are as follows

Black people are not only born with denser bones in our faces, those bones also don’t break down as quickly—especially the bone between the eyes and the cheekbones—as our Caucasian counterparts. The result: Black faces maintain structural support for a longer period of time so we have younger-looking skin for longer.

Similar studies have been done measuring the bone structure of white subjects, which provides data for comparative analysis.

“This is why black people look like themselves longer,” said 33-year-old Rutgers facial plastic surgeon Boris Paskhover.

“If we can understand what causes the face to look older, then we can perhaps one day understand how to prevent the aging process without surgery,” he added.

Black genes, not so bad huh?

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