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“Del Taco’s Hiring If Ya Can’t Pay Me Child $upport…”

Can you picture R. Kelly working the register in a red shirt and an apron at Del Taco? His ex-wife can … if that’s what it takes to dig himself out of a child support hole.

Drea Kelly and her daughter, Buku Abi — who are both on “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” — joined “TMZ Live” Thursday and pretty much she said she doesn’t give a damn what kinda job Kelly has to land to meet his legal obligations … so long as he once and for all wipes his debts clean.

As we first reported … Drea asked the court for a hard and fast deadline for Kelly to pay her the $32k he owes. Kelly’s camp previously insisted the money owed is interest and not back child support … but we’ve learned only $11,500 of it is interest and the rest is for unpaid child support and educational expenses.

Check out the clip … Drea suggests the fast food joint for the King of R&B.

Kelly, of course, has hired an army of lawyers for his mounting legal troubles, which can’t be cheap. This is on top of back child support he’s already ponied up … to the tune of $161,633. That money, we were told, came from a benefactor. So, you can see why Drea’s worried.

We also asked Buku if Kelly not paying up has affected her schooling. Watch … she schools her father on the meaning of responsibility.


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