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P.O. is a 29 year old artist out of Maple Heights, Ohio where he was raised.  The name P.O. doesn’t stand for anything flashy its simply the initials of his real name Perry Osbey.  P.O. was introduced to music as far back as 2 years old, due to the fact that his father is a DJ (Dj Big O).  Growing up with a father who is a DJ opened his ears to many different styles of music from all eras. His passion and love for music came from the sound alone and simply wanting to be like his father, it wasn’t until he moved to Maple Heights, Ohio where he met good friends Tae Wall (Da Map), Dez, and Jerome, who introduced him to actually writing and recording rap music.  P.O. wrote his first rap at the age of 11 and has been in love with it every since.  His favorite artist of all time is Lauryn Hill, he likes her versatility and wisdom.  He was previously under the independent record label 4 Da Luv Ent, but has now started his own Label “O.H.I.O. Ent” which stands for Opportunities Hide Inside Obstacles.  All though P.O. is seeking a major distribution deal and reaching millions of fans, he doesn’t do it for the fame, the love of music comes first, then the fame and riches.  The image that he is seeking to garner is appealing to the ladies yet a artist that all men and age groups can relate to. This artist has a unique personality and creative way with words to help his story telling, and rhyming. His recent lost to his 3 good friends inspire P.O. on a daily basis and reminds him to carry them with him, and to keep their dreams alive. Which lead to the phrase “H.O.O.D. (Hold Onto Our Dreams). P.O. has performed in events such as Twista Concert, Stalley Tour (ohio leg), New York City, Detroit, and many other venues in various states and cities around the US.  Not only is he an aspiring recording artist, but the entertainer has also performed in plays such as “123 The Devils After Me”, “The Blood The Cross” which has been picked up by the Playhouse Square theater in Cleveland, Ohio, also a 3rd play titled “Til death do us part”. The artist shows no discrimination in doing collaborations either, he is willing to work with anyone who shows him love and has a interest in making music with him, he looks at it as a dream that everyone is trying to acheive together.  To contact P.O. you can either catch him on Twitter @PO_Ohio_CEO,  Instagram @PO_OHIO_CEO or on Facebook – Perry Osbey. For further information you can email him at or call/text 216-214-5840



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