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It’s no secret that there’s a huge disconnect between 90’s babies and kids born in the 2000’s.  Would you believe that the 2019 NBA draft picks (who were born between 1999-2000) had no idea who Outkast and Destiny’s Child were?

If you didn’t think you were getting old, millennials — that video is full proof.

You may think you’re still one of the youngins’, but when a kid asks you what a floppy disk is, it becomes more apparent that they are brand new to the planet and have no idea about the struggle of only being able to save 1.44 megabytes of information.



Technology is moving fast and pretty soon, kids won’t even remember what an iPod is— remember those? Here are 10 struggles that kids today don’t have to deal with at all.

10 Struggles 90’s Kids Dealt With That Kids Today Can’t Relate To At All  was originally published on

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