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Cosby has filed a long, extensive appeal in response to his sexual assault conviction last year in Pennsylvania. The memo reflects highly on Cosby’s belief that the trial judge was wrong to allow five additional accusers to testify at trial that they were drugged and sexually assaulted by him. His defense attorneys are arguing against the court’s motion to admit the testimonies of additional accusers, claiming that the testimonies don’t show a pattern of “prior bad acts,” but rather a simple pattern of accusations.

“This evidence was used to strip Cosby of his presumption of innocence and to try to establish that Cosby had the propensity to sexually assault women,” Cosby’s appellate attorneys Sarah Kelly-Kilgore, Kristen Weisenberger and Brian Perry wrote in the appeal. “This evidence never should have been admitted at trial.”

Prosecutors interviewed more than 50 women who claimed that Cosby had drugged and sexually assaulted them across the decades-long span of his public career. All of those women came forward after Constand first told her story to authorities in 2005.  The women that testified could not sue Cosby themselves, because they fell outside the statute of limitation.  Last month, the judge who presided over the trial, Judge Steven T. O’Neill, filed an opinion in the case stating that he allowed the additional accusers because their stories pointed to a “signature” crime.

“In each instance, [Cosby] met a substantially younger woman, gained her trust, invited her to a place where he was alone with her, provided her with a drink or drug, and sexually assaulted her once she was rendered incapacitated,” O’Neill wrote, according to the AP. “These chilling similarities rendered (their) testimony admissible.”

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