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We all need a little joy, and light heartedness added to our days — and our local news anchors are usually the first people we see in the morning who can assist with that. 

Unfortunately, some news correspondents don’t have the kind of energy that’ll make you want to hop out of the bed at 8am and dance — but weatherman Nick Kosir sure does. The Good Day Charlotte meteorologist has gone viral several times for his rap impressions and dance skill, and now he’s back at hitting the latest viral dance move, “The Woah”.

Just last week, Kosir went viral again with his hilariously successful attempt at the “Git Up” challenge.

Let’s not forget the time he he killed it live on Good Day Charlotte with social media star Mr. Hotspot.

Nick can literally do no wrong. You know you’re pretty dope when you can get the entire (white) news team to do the Shoot dance live on air —without missing a beat.

As funny and rare as Nick Kosir is, he’s been doing his thing since before the phrase “going viral” was even a thing. Back in 2009, Charlotte natives donned him the rapping weatherman after his daily live raps about the weather became popular. 

So now you know that whenever you need a quick pick me up, just tune in to Nick Kosir and gets your spirits up. Summer is here!



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