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The officer says she received retaliation after reporting the problem.

An officer with the Ohio State Highway Patrol has filed a lawsuit against the agency due to harassment and retaliation.

Officer Norma Scott has been with the agency since June 2013 as a police officer. Scott is the only African American female office according to 10TV.

The lawsuit is against OSHP and a supervisor over Scott. Details of the lawsuit accuse the supervisor saying, “we need to get rid of them people like Paris did,” during a statewide training on terrorism. The incident happened back in June 2017.

When Scott asked the supervisor what he meant by the comment he replied, Brown people like you, but they will not give Trump credit for this idea.”

Scott later filed a complaint which resulted in the supervisor from getting a 3-day suspension. From there the supervisor made it difficult for Scott to do her job with ongoing acts of harassment and retaliation. Forms of harassment included “denying Scott’s time off requests, saying Scott was not “reliable” or “dependable” and withholding payments.”

Scott released this statement regarding the lawsuit:

I am not the only minority at the Patrol that has experienced these types of things, but I think others are afraid to come forward because of the fear of retaliation. I can’t be scared anymore. I have to take a stand and shed some light on the situation, or they will keep pushing it under the rug.”

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Source: 10TV