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Autism Speaks To Los Angeles Celebrity Chef Gala

Source: JB Lacroix / Getty

The mom of three went on a ABC to promote her new food competition series, Family Food Fight, she was asked to give her definition of a HOT GIRL SUMMER!

“Oh my God, so I guess I’m not that cool of a mom because I just had to ask somebody the other day, ‘What is hot girl summer?’” “But apparently there’s this song out right now by a girl group called City Girls and I guess they want the nation to embrace, and all of the women, and men, to embrace that way of being. I guess it’s just being your best self in your own skin and living your best life, but in the summer. Unapologetically!”

The 30 yr old mother of 3 continued

“Oh my gosh, I would say I’m having a hot girl summer — a hot girl mom summer [laughs] by enjoying time with my kids, enjoying that gorgeous Bay Area weather, lots of Rose, hugs and love with the family — and watching Family Food Fight, Thursday nights at 9/8 C on ABC,” she joked. “That’s how you have a Hot Girl Summer, America!”

Megan got wind of the interview on the Shade Room, and left a reply with he face palm emoji, and took to twitter to give the definition of a HOT GIRL SUMMER

Ayesha replied under Megans comment “@theestallion my bad girl. There’s too many summers going on and he put me on the spot,” sharing laughing and praying emojis.

We know whose not having a Hot Girl Summer…..

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