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Tahiry has responded to ex-boyfriend Joe Budden’s denial of domestic abuse towards her. Rapper Joe Budden denied accusations made against him by Tahiry, claiming that he was a ‘wife beater.’ During an interview with Angela Yee Budden claims he only ‘mushed’ her.


Well Tahiry has responded back via her blog on ThisIs50.com. Tahiry states that she avoided discussing the domestic abuse due to the level of seriousness it carries. She goes on to say ‘I want to let you guys know that he didn’t just only mush me but I wound up in the ER.’


According to Tahiry the only reason she made the domestic abuse public was because Budden did so first stating, ‘he mentioned assaulting me on his song ‘Downfall’ which i couldn’t believe at first. And the day i heard the song was the day I was having my tattoo party. which is why i chose to address it the way i did.’



Tahiry Responds To Joe Budden’s Response  was originally published on globalgrind.com