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The Columbus City Council has just passed new legislation in order to provide menstrual products in all city recreation centers.

The measure was approved during Monday night’s council meeting. It will provide the Department of Recreation and Parks with $14,000 to stock the city’s 29 recreation centers.

They are looking to expand on a pilot program where over the past several years, the city placed tampons and pads in eight recreation centers, as well as homeless shelters.

“It’s critically important to provide menstrual products, in the same way that we provide toilet paper,” said Columbus City Council member Elizabeth Brown. “Having a period and going to the bathroom are bodily functions that no one can prevent and if anything, when we do not provide and accommodate for menstrual products, it adds to the stigma of periods that make young girls feel ashamed for no reason.”

Dispensers are expected to be installed in the recreation center bathrooms, in the coming weeks.

“I think that if women had been making the rules throughout American history, in every bathroom you went into with toilet paper, there’d probably also be tampons and pads,” Brown continued.

Source: NBC4i