Former Ohio State club diving coach William Bohonyi was sentenced to four years in prison Monday for what his own attorney called an inappropriate, illegal and immoral relationship with an underage diver whom he coached. Bohonyi could be granted conditional supervised release after one year in prison, but prosecutors said they would fight it. The 33-year-old former USA Diving certified coach – who was banned from coaching in 2015 after the allegations surfaced – will also have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Bohonyi had already pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual battery involving former club diver, Estee Pryor, earlier this summer. Pryor said she was groomed by Bohonyi and manipulated into a sexual relationship while a member of the OSU dive club. Prosecutors said Bohonyi texted Pryor 940 times in an attempt to dissuade her from pressing charges. Before being sentenced, Bohonyi also apologized to Pryor who had left the courtroom after reading her statement.




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