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A white Maryland man called his Black neighbor a “dumb n*gg*r” during an argument in their complex’s parking garage. The white man, identified as David Gillette, then called the cops on the Black man, Ryan Williams, claiming to fear for his life.

Williams recorded the incident. Gillette claims Williams and his wife almost ran him over him while exiting their parking garage. Gillette calling Williams the N-word was not caught on video, but Gillette did admit on camera to using the slur towards Williams after the exchange.

Williams says he and his wife “drove up to the garage door, the door opened, and before the arm raised to let us out, we saw a man carrying a baby walking in front of the garage. My wife (who wears a hijab) didn’t lift her foot off the brake. We thought nothing of it. There’s no way to rush through the garage door. There’s a gate and then there’s an arm that lifts after the gate is raised. I imagine that it’s there to keep people from rushing out.”

NewsOne reports Williams exited his vehicle to confront Gillette, asking, “Who the f*ck are you calling a dumb n*gg*r?!”

Williams took a photo of Gillette and was able to identify him via his LinkedIn profile. He proceeded to send Gillette a message on the professional networking site, promising to “make you famous by making everyone knows that you’re a racist.”

NewsOne reports while Williams was returning home later that evening, he noticed a patrol car pulled in front of his complex, where Gillette and his daughter were standing. Williams described what occurred to Medium, in a September 25 post that has since been deleted.

“I was right behind a police cruiser and he was turning into the apartment community. I joked to myself that it would be funny (I have a weird sense of humor) if he was heading to talk to David,” Williams said. “As the cruiser pulled to a halt, I looked to the right and saw David and his daughter waiting. I decided to pull in front of the cruiser and park my motorcycle. There was no way I was going to allow them to control the narrative.”

After Williams shared his story with the officer, Gillette admitted to the cop that he used the N-word against Williams, and then offered Williams a perfunctory apology. His daughter added “We can’t go back in time. I just want to make sure my father is safe. He has an important job.”

Williams also posted about the incident on Twitter.

David Gillette works at Leidos, Inc. So far they haven’t commented.


White Man Calls The Cops After Calling A Black Man The N-Word  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com