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Moving forward, I am Omarion to the bull-!

When it comes to unbothered, O has mastered the art! The situation surrounding Omarion includes the mother of his children, Apryl Jones, and his childhood friend Lil Fizz.

To sum it up, his baby mama and long time friend and band mate are full fledge dating and have been flaunting the relationship, EVERYWHERE! If you’ve tuned in to this season of Love & Hip Hop, youve been able to watch some of the mess unfold as everyone is shocked to see the pair has gone public!

The social media world has applauded Omarion for his stand up behavior and choosing to be above the petty and not respond to the situation. Well, in an interview with Vlad TV, O finally broke his silence!

When asked how he feels about Apryl and Fizz’s relationship, Omarion replied,  “I don’t feel no ways. I don’t feel anyway about it. If they’re happy, then they should be happy.

He added a few more very tasteful thoughts to follow up that statement, but its really seems that he’s at peace with what they’re doing.

He made it clear that he is very much mindful about the effect it may be having on their children and his only wish is for Apryl and Fizz to “change the narrative.”

Omarion further explains what he means by “changing the narrative” in that he feels when something affects Apryl, it affects their children and in turn, that affects him.

“If it’s their so-called happiness, I shouldn’t be a part of it,” Omarion said.

What you didn’t see is that Omarion talked about his former long-term relationship with Apryl and chalks up their breakup to miscommunication. He also mentions that he and Fizz’s relationship is a working one.

Whew, chile! The calm he’s gripping onto is admirable, truly!

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Source: The Shade Room

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