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Police Officer holding handgun pistol

Source: Nia Noelle / Radio One Digital

Police officers have been shot in New Jersey during an active shooter situation.

According to NBC TV here is what we know

  • One police officer was killed and two others were shot amid an active shooter standoff in Jersey City Tuesday
  • All public schools in Jersey City were shut down by early afternoon, and students remained in place into the evening
  • Two suspects were shot and killed, as were three other civilians who were inside a store where the shooters fled

Law enforcement sources identified the dead officer as a 39-year-old married father of five. The standoff started off from an homicide investigation, and when officers approached the suspect they were killed, the attackers fled to Jersey City and the standoff continued at a Supermarket where three civilians were killed.

At least one wounded civilian, along with two wounded officers, are expected to survive, officials said.


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