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Many NFL fans were happy with the results of this year’s Superbowl, many fans point to last years defense battle between Tom Brady’s New England Patriots vs. The L.A. Rams in which the score ended up being 13-3 and unless you were a fan of the Patriots or Rams then you probably cut the game off at halftime because you were tired of seeing Tom Brady in the Superbowl AGAIN! But this year did not disappoint the Kansas Chiefs bolstered the top offense in the league and they had last years MVP Patrick Mahomes and a set of wide receivers that all run a sub 4.3  but that didn’t scare the top defense in the league that’s what the Chiefs were facing when they took the field against the San Francisco 49ers. The game was tied at halftime and the 49ers seemed to have the upper hand after halftime that’s when the game got interesting with the 49ers scoring 17 unanswered points, that’s when most NFL experts said it’s over and that’s when last years MVP said it’s game time the Chiefs had been down by double digits in each of their playoffs games so they were used to being in this spot and in come back fashion that’s what they did scoring 17 unanswered points of their own in 5 mins winning them their 1st Superbowl in 50 years.

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