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Happy Superbowl Weekend! This year’s big game between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs will take place in the sweet, sultry cit or Miami.

Miami is a little different than last year’s game city of Atlanta. Atl-eans had their set of rules for folks coming from out of state to enjoy the big game. Some of which include:

  • “This is a Black city, White people don’t start your sh**”
  • “We got ‘dancers’ in every club”
  • “We respect our homeless, please call them ‘unc’ or ‘auntie’ respectively”
  • “Nobody eats at the Varsity”


Speaking of rules, when it comes to Super Bowl parties, there are a few dos and don’ts to abide by also. We know the regular party rules, like ‘bring something’ and ‘make enough food for guests’ — but for Millennial parties, the ante is upped a little.

You’re so use to attending family parties, now you’re at the age to throw one, or attend one that your friend is having. It’s being an adult while still having a teenage budget. It’s being a good and entertaining host without doing too much and distracting from the real reason everyone is there: the game.

Don’t be like this guy @lppny who tweeted, “How much of a dork would I be if I brought my laptop to the Super Bowl party today? #millennial #reallydorky.” Whether you’re hosting or attending, here are a few rules to make you night run much smoother.

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