Adoring Couple Embracing in Bed

Source: Digital Vision. / Getty

New study that was done in 2017 has had the results drop and its actually pretty interposing to see that married couples that sleep in separate bed in fact get better sleep. Although some couples were worried that it may kill the nighttime intimacy but 1 in 4 say that they have gotten better sleep. Especially seeing that some partners may snore or have restless leg syndrome.

A New York psychologist Jill Lankler said, “People are losing sleep. They are waking each other up, and there is this resentment that begins to build in a relationship,” she said. “If you don’t address that, obviously your relationship is going to suffer, your work suffers. It’s this cascade.”

Pretty interesting but through thick and thin and separate beds right?

Would  separate bed be something you’d consider for your marriage?


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