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This is definitely a question that I ask myself, what method of payment should i be using to make everyday purchases? Yes I make purchases everyday just like the normal person, and majority of the time I use cash or debit.

Expert Rod Griffin, Experian senior director of consumer education shares his expertise on when you should use cash, debit or credit to pay for your transactions.

Credit cards also offer some advantages in terms of security and protection, which debit cards and cash do not. “If traveling, I use a credit card almost exclusively because it helps provide additional protections against identity theft and fraud,” he says.

Credit cards aren’t for everyone depending on your personality an control on your impulse to spend.

For night out with his wife he uses his debit card, and he uses cash for buying dinner and smaller purchases. The bigger purchases are when credit cards come into play just because it better suits is budget and his financial style better.

So be mindful cash, debit, everyday and credit card for the bigger purchases, have some money management and a good relationship with your money so you don’t go out of your budget.

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